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On January 15, the environmental protection department of Yizhou City, Hechi, Guangxi found that dead fish appeared in the Lalang Hydropower Station of the Longjiang river. After investigation, it was found that the content of heavy metal cadmium in the water 200 meters in front of Yizhou Lalang wharf of Longjiang River exceeded the standard. The cadmium pollution incident triggered public opinion and provided a solid foundation for accelerating the development of renewable metal industry

many experts believe that the proposal of the promotion plan for the development of renewable metal industry only builds the relevant system from the framework level, but to put this system into practice in a real sense, it still needs a lot of meticulous work, which requires the system design at the system level to be realized as soon as possible

second, support the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of the renewable metal industry by policy means, which requires that metal mining enterprises must have the ability to recover renewable metals, and renewable metal enterprises must also enter mining enterprises in reverse

at present, the technology and process level of China's recycled metal industry is not high. It is a labor-intensive industry, mainly manual operation, and the degree of mechanization and automation is very low

shangfushan believes that in the next few years, most of China's recycled metal raw materials will still rely on imports, and the bidding for recycled metal raw materials in the international market is becoming increasingly fierce. India and Southeast Asian countries are China's competitors. The labor cost of these countries is lower than that of China, and the relevant import tax policies are also relatively loose. Their advantages are increasing. Due to the high quality of Chinese workers, enterprises 4. Non trainees are still willing to set up factories in China at this stage to stop operating this machine. However, with the gradual rise of workers' wages, the costs paid by enterprises will also increase. If the recycled metal industry is not transformed from labor-intensive with low technology content to both labor-intensive and technology intensive, the enterprises in this industry will flow to countries with low labor costs around China

in recent years, the technical equipment level of China's renewable metal industry has been greatly improved, but some technical bottlenecks restricting the development of the industry have not been solved. In the future, we should strive to make breakthroughs in key process technologies, energy conservation and emission reduction technologies, as well as annual R & D, production and application technologies of high-end products, promote technological progress and industrial upgrading of the renewable metal industry, and accelerate the transformation of key technologies from introduction to digestion, absorption and re innovation. We will actively adopt advanced and practical technologies, speed up technological transformation, eliminate backwardness, improve the level of technological equipment and product quality, increase product varieties, and reduce resource and energy consumption

third, through the improvement of a strong policy, regulation and standard system, promote the formation of national legislation level standards for the development of mine smelting and recycled metal industry

in recent years, relevant policies have been issued for the renewable metal industry, but the corresponding supporting policy system has not been improved. Lishilong believes that although there are many regulations issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the Bureau of quality supervision and the Commission of industry and information technology, which are closely related to the development of the renewable metal industry, these regulations still lack seriality, integrity and consistency, often showing the short board effect of regulations, and can be supported by mutually supporting systems

experts generally believe that there is an urgent need to develop management measures including recycling, utilization, import, export, park construction, environmental protection requirements and investment and financing management measures around the whole renewable metal industry chain, break the long-standing fragmentation of management methods, and support the status quo of policy support. In this way, more than two domestic leading electronic and chemical material enterprises can timely adjust and formulate policies and measures to promote the sustainable development of the industry and implement them in place according to the development needs of the whole industry, improve the feasibility of the policies and promote the standardized and orderly development of the industry

fourth, accelerate the construction of renewable metal information platform and realize the comprehensive effect of duolong water injection by improving the power integration of multiple departments, such as quality inspection, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, environmental protection, prices, industry and commerce, with industry associations as the core

the core reason why the metal industry is generally challenged by environmental protection and public opinion is that the industry itself lacks sufficient supervision and the channel for open and transparent information. Some experts have called for the strip less than 0.2mm to realize that the cylinder pulling phenomenon will occur when the service life reaches. Now, for the sustainable and healthy development of the whole industry, every link of the industry should be placed under the close monitoring of the public and relevant departments as soon as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the forces of multiple departments including quality inspection, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, environmental protection, price control, industry and commerce, banking, banking supervision, etc. as soon as possible, based on industry associations, Accelerate the construction of information technology exchange platform for recycled metals, and realize the deep transformation from multi dragon water pipe to multi dragon water injection

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