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The price of pulp in North America hit a new high against Japan

the international market price of pulp, the raw material for papermaking in North America, has a strong upward trend, and the price of representative varieties against Japan has reached the highest point in two years and nine months. The price of n-bkp (softwood kraft pulp) made in North America shipped in February was US $per ton (including freight), up about US $40 (8%) from the previous month 。 The rise in the price of pulp produced in North America is mainly due to the fact that its process performance largely depends on the shortage of polymer (high molecular) wood chip raw materials due to the cold current and forestry workers' disputes. On the one hand, the depreciation of the US dollar, coupled with the good situation of China's paper production, the demand for pulp exceeds Japan's cost. Even if the price rises, it is actively buying Maldives, a small developing island country. Therefore, in order to ensure the necessary demand, Japanese paper-making enterprises have to accept the price rise. It is expected that the pulp manufacturers in North America will raise the price again in March, and the price may reach about $600 per ton

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