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Nordic chemical launched a new type of highly transparent food grade film material

ink href= "/common/shared/ctl/displayeditorial.css" type=text/css rel=stylesheet> Nordic chemical launched a new borclear brand of highly transparent polypropylene blown film mainly used in the field of food packaging

borclear rb709cf is a random copolymer polypropylene with excellent transparency, outstanding sealing performance, high rigidity and good printability. Heat resistant when the load is no longer rising, the temperature is as high as 100 ℃. A small amount of hexane that meets the requirements of FDA regulations makes it particularly attractive in the food packaging industry. Potential applications include: Bread film, composite film for dry food packaging and high gloss label film

figure 1: borclear rb709cf is particularly attractive for food packaging such as bread film. The special comprehensive properties of borclear rb709cf help film processing manufacturers achieve the expected aesthetic appearance packaging expected by the food industry. At the same time, due to the high rigidity of the material, the processing manufacturers and extrusion manufacturers can reduce the amount of film required. In the whole food packaging value chain, reducing the use of materials has brought cost and environmental benefits

in addition, rb709cf can make processing faster and more efficient. Its low initial sealing temperature and wide sealing capacity remove 27.5 million tons of coated paper, household paper, paper and special paper. The temperature range reduces the sealing cycle time, produces more seals per minute, and improves the linear speed. Moreover, film winding and film processing become easier

Mr. kwakman of kivo plastic verpakkingen, one of the largest polyolefin packaging material manufacturers in Europe, said: "Borclear rb709cf has many advantages, which help us provide packaging services to customers to differentiate their products. High gloss, high transparency and good sealing performance are conducive to the processing of attractive films with good performance. In addition, due to the material's frost resistance, good mixing possibility and its processing advantages, it increases the flexibility of the production process and the flexibility of the final application of the film."

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