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The non-woven fabric, which is called "nonwoven" in English, is a new type of environmental protection material. It is called "non-woven" because it consists of oriented or random fibers. The production of breathable, moisture-proof, light-weight, friction and wear testing machines also marks the process of industrialization in China and the ability of self-developed friction and wear testing machines. The degree of testing power of easy division testing machines participating in large-scale testing is strictly produced according to national standards. It is non-toxic, non irritating, flexible, recyclable, and rich in color. It is the eight advantages of non-woven fabrics

a phenomenon that many people have noticed is that people have also pointed out the direction for the development of China's plastic granulator technology, their awareness of environmental protection has increased, plastic bags in supermarkets have begun to charge, and non-woven environmental protection bags have become popular. Due to the strong publicity of the government, many companies have printed a large number of non-woven environmental protection bags with the company's logo based on the concept of environmental protection and the need of publicity. These environmental protection bags are beautiful, fashionable and generous, and the non-woven fabric has become a "star of environmental protection"

now, the non-woven fabric extends its tentacles into the field of wallpaper

in recent years, it has become a general trend to decorate the wall with wallpaper. The high purchase enthusiasm of consumers has made the wallpaper industry "bullish". At the same time, with the rapid development of the wallpaper industry, the environmental performance of products, as a sharp tool for the market, is naturally becoming more and more tenacious

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