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North America: the prices of ink, coating and paperboard have increased one after another editor's note: with the price increases announced by flint North America and igzond paperboard in April this year, packaging and printing enterprises will also face the continued rise of production costs

flint North America has announced that it will increase the price of all energy curing inks and coatings used for sheet fed printing, liquid packaging and web offset printing by 6%, which will take effect from now on

the increase of raw material cost and the shortage of supply are the main reasons for the rise of ink and coating prices. The printing industry and related suppliers should continue to struggle with the rising cost of raw materials and the shortage of basic materials, because this is very important for printing consumables manufacturers

dianeparisi, vice president of supply chain of Flint Group USA, explained: "we see that the prices of almost all raw materials are rising, affecting printing consumables manufacturers around the world. If this continues, the consequences will be unimaginable."

Ms. Parisi said, "in terms of raw material capacity, acrylic acid is the most disturbing problem for us. Our supply has the functions of peak maintenance, automatic shutdown, overcurrent and overload protection. Manufacturers need acrylic acid to produce acrylic acid used in Flint energy curing inks and coatings." The largest acrylic acid supplier in North America has recently significantly reduced its production capacity, while the other has stopped production due to fire. The result is bound to lead to a shortage of raw materials for consumable manufacturers. "

"our research and forecast show that the problems of rising raw material costs and supply shortages will not be solved in the short term."

michaelpodd, the sheet fed ink manager of Flint Group, pointed out that the group's global purchasing companies have tried their best to minimize the impact of the above factors on consumers. Unfortunately, the rising cost of these energy curing inks can no longer be absorbed in the supply chain, manufacturing and raw material proportioning

the company also announced that it would increase the sales prices of its white paperboard invercote and folding carton board incada in Europe. The price increase will start from May 10. The specific plan is that if there is dirt between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston, the price will be increased by 100 euros per ton in European countries and 100 pounds per ton in Britain

the company said that the rapid rise in the price of raw materials for the next step was the main reason for them to make the above decision. Igzond paperboard is a member of Holmen group, the largest forestry company in Europe

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