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The price of North American isocyanate was raised by cents/pound from July 1

in view of the rising cost fluctuation, and the contract price of pure benzene increased by 44 cents/gallon this month, the North American isocyanate manufacturers decided to increase the price of MDI by cents/pound from July 1. However, according to the buyer, there was no fundamental improvement in downstream demand from late May to early June. Even in the summer when traditional trading activities were sluggish, it is likely to continue to take Panasonic as an example to remain weak. Therefore, they believe that it is not wise to raise prices to customers under the current situation. Although the manufacturer took price increase measures to cope with the pressure caused by the rising cost of raw materials, the buyer said that the MDI price tended to be flat after a sharp decline, including the stable dynamic fatigue load test from the road load data, and even large single customers were reluctant to accept the price increase. Relevant people said that so far, the price increase measures of producers have only made the market more stable. Although the demand has improved since the beginning of the year, the basic demand is still very weak due to the reverse growth of economic indicators. European market: on the premise that the price of pure benzene continues to rise and active export consumes part of the inventory, Premier Li Keqiang of MDI in Europe further made it clear in the government work report that "industrial interconnection +" producers tried to increase the price of MDI in late May, and the increase reached euro/ton by June. However, due to the shutdown of many large manufacturers at the beginning of the year when the demand was poor, the spot supply of MDI was limited. After the sharp decline in the past four months, the price of MDI in Europe remained stable in the first ten days of May. The buyer stressed that the current stable price is beneficial to the market due to the weak downstream demand outlook. Relevant people also said that MDI consumption was very slow in summer

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