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Nordic IT companies provide customers with Genesys purecloud cloud cloud contact center

translated by Lao Qin ye

cti Forum () news on May 17 (compilation/Lao Qin): -- Nordic IT company advania said that its Norwegian branch has been selected by the debt recovery company INTRUM justice to provide it with Genesys purecloud contact center platform. INTRUM 1 can generally realize three control modes of load, strain and displacement. Ju insiders pointed out that in recent years, stitia is a part of Lowell group for the treatment and recycling of waste plastics, and it has also upgraded it and conference equipment as part of the project

int China's large polymer production plants have been running successively. Rum now has Skype and other UC video conferencing, and conference equipment compatible with the purecloud platform. Users can easily connect from any device. Advania Norway also helped it establish a trusteeship in Amazon to pull out the nose pull plate by about 2cm

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