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Huiyi paper cup was found to be unqualified, Qingdao was taken off the shelves

the paper cup collapsed when poured with water, the toilet paper materials did not meet the standard, Jerry built, and the wet towel bacteria exceeded the standard to disinfect and become toxic. The Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce recently commissioned an authoritative testing agency to carry out quality testing on five kinds of paper products sold on the market, including toilet paper, sanitary napkins, tissue paper, baby diapers, and paper cups, It was found that the paper products of 43 well-known brands, including Wal Mart's own brand Huiyi, had quality problems. Among the test results released by the Beijing Administration for Industry and commerce, there are many problems with paper cups and wipes. Among them, the main problems of the paper cup are the unqualified stiffness of the cup body and the unqualified decolorization test items; The main problem of wet wipes is that the total number of colonies is not qualified for the same automobile engine shell; The tensile index and softness of some tissue paper and toilet paper are unqualified; Sanitary napkins and baby diapers have relatively few problems, and only two brands have made the black list. In this spot check, the paper products produced by Qingdao enterprises did not make the black list. Are there any unqualified products on sale in Qingdao market? First, visit Wal Mart supermarket, Carrefour supermarket, Parkson supermarket, Macalline supermarket and other large supermarkets in the city

visiting supermarkets

Huiyi paper cups were urgently removed from the shelves

visiting the paper product shelves of five major supermarkets, it was found that the paper products sold in major shopping malls in the island city are mainly domestic well-known brands such as xinxiangyin and

Qingfeng. Among the brands on the black list, only baby's toilet paper and facial tissue paper were found. Carefully check the model of small

baby toilet paper in Daocheng supermarket, which was approved by AQSIQ, and no unqualified one was found. Although many small baby paper products in supermarkets are on sale, small baby is not the main target of salesmen. Salesmen prefer to sell some brand-name toilet paper and facial tissue paper with relatively high prices to consumers. Compared with toilet paper, wipes and paper cups received less attention, and no problem products were found in the survey. During the survey on the 5th, it was found that Huiyi paper cups were still sold in the containers of Wal Mart Supermarkets, and the name, specification and model of this product were completely consistent with those on the black list. Manager Chu, the relevant person in charge of the supermarket, was contacted. Manager Chu did not know that the supermarket's authorized products had been listed on the black

list. Yesterday, manager Chu said that the problematic paper cups had been removed from the shelves. We removed all Huiyi paper cups of this model early yesterday morning according to the instructions of the headquarters

manager Chu introduced to. In addition to large supermarkets, many wholesale markets also sell paper products. How about paper products in these places? Also launched a visit

visit the wholesale market

Merchants: three no toilet paper for personal use is not recommended

yesterday morning, I first came to the daily necessities area of Fushun Road wholesale market to visit. Many merchants directly piled toilet paper at the door to attract customers. They are large packages containing thirty or fifty rolls of paper 10 and chain rolls, and most of the packages do not have manufacturers, brands and specifications. When making an inquiry, businesses will ask whether it is for commercial use or for their own use. When it is said to be for their own use, businesses will return to the house and take out regular brand toilet paper such as Qingfeng. Asked about the reason, the merchants just said that such brand toilet paper is more affordable, but in fact, the price of brand toilet paper is more than twice that of three no toilet paper

in Lijin Road small commodity wholesale market, after shopping, the salesperson asked the merchants about the difference between the two kinds of paper, and told the truth. Brand toilet paper is produced from native wood pulp. Those piled at the door are produced from miscellaneous pulp, which is not hygienic for self use. The salesperson said. In addition to toilet paper, when buying wipes, diapers and other items, businesses will also ask for use, and then give recommendations

Market: illegal paper cups are still on sale

in June last year, the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the China National Standardization Administration jointly issued the new national standard for paper cups, requiring that the printing patterns on the outside of the paper cups should be clear in outline, uniform in color, and free of obvious color spots, and that no patterns should be printed within 15 mm from the cup mouth to the cup body and 10 mm from the cup bottom to the cup body. The staff of the Municipal Institute of product quality supervision and inspection said that the reason for this regulation is that when drinking, the lips touch the mouth of the cup, and the ink in the printed pattern may be ingested, which is harmful to health. At the same time, when the paper cup is covered, if there is a printed pattern at the bottom of the cup, it is also easy to rub the color on the inner wall of another cup. However, during the visit yesterday, it was found that the illegal paper cups with printing are still sold in the wholesale market

in front of a stall in the small commodity market on Lijin Road, merchants placed two kinds of cheap paper cups, which were only packaged in transparent plastic paper without any commodity descriptions. One kind of paper cup featured wedding cards, with happy words printed all over it. The retail price was 5 yuan per 100 cups, and the wholesale price was about half of the retail price. Like those who sell toilet paper, those who sell paper cups do not recommend their own household three no paper cups. It's OK to decorate the water in a short time, but the cup won't hold up for a long time. The salesperson said

experts say

inferior water cups are harmful to health

compared with other paper products, the paper cups used to hold drinking water every day have the closest relationship with our health. If the paper cup is unqualified, what will be the impact on health? He once took a paper cup to the rubber and Plastic Engineering Laboratory of the polymer College of Qingdao University of science and technology to consult duanyoushun, a material expert. Teacher Duan told that paper cups should be used separately according to their labels. The inside of paper cups will be coated with a layer of wax or polyethylene material called PE. When the water temperature of paraffin reaches 57 ℃ to 63 ℃, it may be dissolved by water and fall off the cup wall, forming these impurities seen by Mr. Liu. This paper cup can only be used to hold carbonated drinks. It is relatively stable under the water temperature of 0 ℃ to 5 ℃, and may fall off when it exceeds 40 ℃. The polyethylene material called PE is actually a layer of plastic film, which can withstand a high temperature of 130 ℃ and will not fall off and seep

are these coatings harmful to human body? Duan said that paraffin wax is used in industry to resist aging and increase fluidity, which is not toxic in itself. In particular, generally, paper cups produced by regular factories use food grade wax to make the inner wall coating of paper cups. Therefore, even if the wax on paper cups is dissolved in high water temperature, there is no safety problem. However, many illegal processing plants now use low-cost industrial paraffin to make the coating on the inner wall of paper cups. Industrial paraffin contains substances such as benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are harmful to human nervous system and hematopoietic system. If you often drink boiled water with inferior disposable paper cups, you will inevitably ingest some harmful substances in industrial wax. In addition, the quality inspection experts from the Light Industry Department of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision told that if the decolorization test of the paper cup is not qualified, the printed pattern on its surface is easy to decolorize. When paper cups are stacked, the ink outside the paper cup will inevitably affect the inner layer of the paper cup wrapped outside, and the ink contains benzene and toluene, which will damage human health

Municipal Bureau of quality supervision

annual inspection of paper products in Daocheng

according to the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, the quality inspection department will conduct spot checks on paper products every year. The last spot check by the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision was in the second quarter of last year. In order to truly reflect the quality level of household paper products, the law enforcement officers of the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute conducted surprise spot checks on relevant enterprises, which were mainly concentrated in Jiaozhou, Shibei, Licang, Chengyang, Huangdao and other districts and cities. It mainly detected the total number of bacterial colonies, pathogenic pyogenic bacteria, coliforms, total number of fungal colonies, brightness, horizontal liquid absorption height, softness, horizontal tensile index, vertical wet tensile strength, liquid content, horizontal wet tensile strength, holes, etc. in paper products. Last year, a total of 29 batches of five types of products produced by 22 enterprises were sampled, including 28 qualified batches and one unqualified batch, with a pass rate of 96.55% and a market share of 0.5%. The unqualified products in the sampling inspection are household paper produced by Qingdao Yuxing Paper Co., Ltd. the unqualified items are household paper with unqualified hole indicators, but they still face the problems of "no admittance", "it is easy to obtain licenses and difficult to obtain certificates"

the inspector told that the hole index is a request to limit the number of holes on the toilet paper. According to the requirements of the national standard GB, the total number of holes required for qualified products should not be greater than 40, of which no more than 40 are 2mm to 5mm holes, no more than 4 are 5mm to 8mm holes, and there should be no holes greater than 8mm. The existence of holes will not only affect the appearance of products, but also affect the performance of toilet paper. In the process of use, holes are easy to cause the toilet paper to crack, affecting the wiping performance of the paper. In our investigation, we found that the main problems of toilet paper are Jerry built, some are inferior in raw materials, and then the hardness, tensile index and softness of toilet paper are not enough. These problems will bring discomfort to consumers in the process of use. Mr. Wu, a staff member of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, said. According to the plan of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, the random inspection of paper products in Daocheng will be concentrated in the second quarter. At present, the random inspection of various paper products is being carried out according to the plan, and the inspection results of this year will be announced immediately after the inspection

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