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Huichuan technology released a new generation of IPM motor products

recently, Huichuan technology released a holiday notice from Jinan experimental machine factory to inform the new generation of IPM motor products, which will never demagnetize, have long service life, be economical, energy-saving, efficient and easy to use, and will create considerable economic and social benefits for the injection molding industry

the new generation of IPM motor, with special electromagnetic design, combined with the advanced performance algorithm of servo driver, maximizes the use of reluctance torque. It has the characteristics of low loss and high efficiency. Compared with the traditional surface mounted rotor motor, the surface temperature is 15 ℃ ~35 ℃ lower in the steady state, realizing that the motor will never demagnetize, has stronger environmental adaptability, and greatly extends the service life of the motor

the comparison table shows that under the same load, the current input of this designed rotor motor is reduced by 8%~12%, creating nearly 10% energy-saving benefits for users

ipm motor has excellent torque output at ultra-high speed, which is more than 5% higher than that of traditional motor, effectively improving the working performance of injection molding, reducing the defective rate and improving the working efficiency of the equipment. At the same time, the purchase cost of the same configuration system is reduced, and 4 The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body, which is required by the industry to reduce costs

the input data of the motor parameter once is automatically matched with the number of permanent reuse, and the installation and debugging are simple. The early warning of fault information solves the difficulty of troubleshooting fault information, and the maintenance is time-saving and efficient

the production capacity of the automatic motor production line is increased by 6min/set, providing an efficient and stable production platform for the mass production of the new generation of IPM motors

the new IPM motor will further help the injection molding machine reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, and meet the changing market demand and various challenges in the industry

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