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Huixin biological pulp paper went bankrupt and recruited reorganization investors

the people's Court of Pingyuan County, Shandong Province made a (2018) Lu 1426 No. 1 three civil ruling on November 26, 2018, ruling that Huixin biological Pulp Paper Co., Ltd. and Dezhou Huping Yongfa Paper Co., Ltd. would be substantially merged from November 26, 2018, The reorganization and appointment of Shandong Huaxin property rights liquidity bankruptcy and liquidation affairs Co., Ltd. have stipulated that stretch experimental company is the manager to publicly recruit reorganization investors to the society. The announcement is as follows:

I. recruitment needs to know

1. In order to introduce restructuring investors in an open, fair and just manner, this recruitment of restructuring investors is carried out in an open manner to accept the supervision of all parties. The contents of this recruitment announcement are equally applicable to all intended investors and have the same effect

2. If the intended investor pays the investment deposit and submits the reorganization investment documents to the manager, it is deemed that he agrees to invest in Huixin company and Huping company, and the relevant investment risks are borne by himself

II. Enterprise operation and assets introduction

Huixin company was established on January 8th, 1993 with a registered capital of 200 million. Its registered address is the industrial zone of wangdagua Township, Pingyuan county. It mainly deals with high-strength corrugated paper, box board paper, white board paper and paper products. Huixin company has been the leading industry in the local area since its establishment. Founded in 2003, Huping company is an affiliated enterprise of Huixin company. The main business, personnel and property of the two companies are highly mixed, and they are actually unified economic entities externally

(I) the existing business qualification of the enterprise

1. Through the approval of the approval of the establishment of the cogeneration project and the approval of the technical transformation, three 6MW condensate extraction units are built, and a total of four 75t/h circulating fluidized bed boilers are equipped

2. The project with an annual output of 200000 tons of high-strength corrugated base paper has been approved, with a construction area of 53902 square meters, and has passed the environmental protection acceptance and sewage discharge permit for the completion of the expansion project

(II) enterprise assets

the enterprise has the right to use industrial land of about 1044 mu, with a total building area of 121187.3 square meters, including office buildings, dormitory buildings, ten workshops, warehouses, etc; More than 4300 sets of machinery and electronic equipment; More than 3320 sets of equipment accessories

the above information is only for the reference of intended investors. The authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the information shall be subject to the results of the investor's on-site investigation or due diligence

III. basic conditions for restructuring investors

1. The restructuring investors are legal persons established and effectively existing according to law, with a high sense of society and good business reputation

2. Have more than three years of business experience, have experience in corresponding industries or fields, and have the ability of enterprise operation and management after reorganization

3. If two or more entities jointly participate in the investment, they must explain their respective roles, rights and obligations in writing, and they must also meet the qualification conditions in Item 1 and 2 above

4. Have sufficient funds to pay the consideration required for the corresponding assets within the agreed time, support the production and business activities after reorganization, and issue the corresponding credit certificate or other performance ability certificate

5. Restructuring investors need to promise that they do not bear a large amount of matured outstanding debts and are in a continuous state. There has been no major illegal act or suspected of major illegal act in the past three years, and it has not been included in the list of dishonest persons

IV. materials to be submitted by investors at the time of registration

1. Letter of intent to participate in the reorganization investment (must be signed by the legal representative and stamped with the official seal)

2. A copy of the duplicate of the business license of the enterprise legal person with three certificates in one, and the identity certificate of the legal representative (it is necessary to affix the official seal of the enterprise, and how to sample the V-belt for tensile strength test? The original copy of the duplicate shall be provided for review when the name is given)

3. Annual financial statements of the enterprise in recent three years (the enterprise financial seal and official seal must be affixed)

4. Special instructions issued by the intended investors with the strength of restructuring funds and the ability to regulate funds; 5. A written power of attorney specifying the name, contact information, scope of authorization, and duration of authorization of the handler or trustee and a copy of the trustee's ID card

6. Other relevant materials required by the manager

five clearances between the machine and the ground, precautions

1. Registration time: from December 6, 2018 to April 6, 2019

2. Registration place: the administrator's office of Huixin biological pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. in the courtyard of Pingyuan county law enforcement brigade, No. 1641 Guangming West Street, Pingyuan County, Shandong Province

3. Investors who intend to participate in the reorganization will not pay the deposit during the period of knowing the situation, but the information of the debtor disclosed by the manager is only limited to investment

4. The administrator will review the qualification of the registration materials within 15 days from the deadline of registration according to the above standards, and issue a qualification shortlist notice if it meets the qualification requirements; If it is not shortlisted, the administrator will not give further notice

VI. confidentiality obligations

for the debtor's information, simultaneous data, materials, etc. that are required by the shortlisted intended restructuring investors and have not been publicly disclosed in any form, the opposite party needs to abide by the confidentiality obligation. The opposite party must use the information and materials provided by the manager in good faith, and shall not use them for other purposes, nor disclose them to any third party, except for internal investment analysis and the formulation of investment restructuring plans, Otherwise, the administrator has the right to investigate the law and require the opposite party to compensate for the losses

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