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Huizhi innovative customer relationship management system solution

1 Overview

is designed to solve the challenges brought by globalization and other forms of cross industry and cross regional competition Huizhi innovation (CRM) solution includes not only software, but also hardware, professional services and training. Hardware, professional services and training are designed to provide employees with comprehensive and timely data, so that they can clearly understand the needs and purchase history of each customer, so that they can better understand and serve their customers. Customer relationship management includes all the business processes that an organization needs to implement to judge, select, strive for, develop and maintain its customers

2. Peopleso geometric coaxiality index is based on the coaxiality index of 0.3mm in jjg269 (2) 006 "changing the verification regulation of experimental machines". Introduction to lution e-service

peoplesolution e-service is an innovative electronic service and technical support management system solution of Huizhi, and one of the peoplesolution CRM solution groups. Its adoption will greatly improve work efficiency and make things better. What is the market prospect of this industrial chain in 2017? What is the price trend of wrapping paper? How does the industrial pattern change? More and more accurate. The foresight of peoplesolution e-service ensures the necessary overall concept of customers

peoplesolution e-service solution consists of three parts: network platform, information platform and software platform. E-service is a strategic weapon to establish relationships with customers, maintain and develop customers, and always master customer needs. Through the support of high-tech system and professionally trained service personnel, it uses efficient workflow to realize professional management of customers, and through this channel, it can understand the changes of customers' needs at any time, so as to make enterprises more competitive in the market

peoplesolution e-service is different from the traditional service center in that it closely integrates the information processing function of the computer, the exchange access and distribution function of the program-controlled switch, and the automatic voice processing technology with the actual application business system, and makes full use of advanced technology to provide users with more friendly, thoughtful and functional services

3. Peoplesolutionues - core overview of e-service

peoplesolution es is an application software system developed by Huizhi innovation for peoplesolution -service solutions, and it is the soul of e-service

peoplesolution ues is a business system software running on the application server, It consists of four modules:

information issue

electronic support system

control management

system management

peopleso it adapts to a relatively large pull lutionues service users are divided into three categories:

enterprise internal users

Product/service agent users

end users

peoplesolution ues module related system diagram

characteristics of peoplesolution ues

advanced platform support

support call center platform √

support Internet information platform and e-commerce platform √

Advanced Computing Mode

Mining Use b/s computing mode √

zero client installation √

multi user support

provide multi-user oriented service support √

provide friendly user service auxiliary functions √

good manageability

provide powerful permission management √

provide unified user management √

perfect help

wizard settings supporting complex applications √

sensitive context help √

friendly Error prompt √ (end)

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