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Huizhou merchants' spring change experimental machine is a high-precision instrument that separates light, machinery and electricity: fuel oil closed sharply lower, reversing most of yesterday's gains

on Tuesday, fuel oil closed sharply lower, reversing most of yesterday's gains, and the market is still in the recent downward trend. 811 fuel oil opened at 4562, with the highest price of 4580 and the lowest price of 4516, closing at 4567, down 89 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day

(NYMEX) crude oil futures fell on the sixth of the seven trading days, as tropical storms are expected to avoid the oil producing areas of the Gulf of Mexico. The settlement price of NYMEX September crude oil futures fell 90 cents, or 0.8 percent, to $112.87 a barrel, with a trading range between 35 dollars. The contract will expire on Wednesday. The technical support level of crude oil futures is $110 and the resistance level is $116. Earlier, oil prices rose 4. 5% from time to time Discussion and outlook, as traders measure the development of the situation in Georgia. Tropical Storm Fay will make landfall on the southwest coast of Florida on Tuesday morning, far from the oil producing areas of the Gulf of Mexico. As the storm threat subsided, the focus of market attention returned to the decline in U.S. crude oil demand. The EIA report released last week showed that the average daily consumption of crude oil in the United States in the first half of this year was 800000 barrels. Michael Korn, President of Skokie Energy Corp, said, "some weather factors cannot drive the market higher. I still haven't seen any large buying at these prices." Futures prices stabilized after falling $4.85 to $115.20 on August 8, as oil prices approached the important psychological and technical level of $100 a barrel. Some OPEC members said they would cut production to support oil prices. Royal Dutch Shell evacuated 425 employees last weekend as a preventive measure. The company said on Monday that it had no plans for more evacuations. Others believe that oil prices are waiting for clues from the US dollar this week. The US dollar hit a six-month high against the euro last week, but was flat on Monday. Oil prices rose in the first half of this year as investors bought crude oil as a hedge against the weakness of the dollar. The recent fall in oil prices has been accompanied by the rapid strengthening of the US dollar. The euro against the US dollar (1.4653, -0.0047, -0.32%, bar) has generally stipulated three hardness test methods: Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers around us $1.4704. The exchange rate market remained calm, and the USDA will release producer price index data on Tuesday. Mark Waggoner, President of Excel futures, said, "if you see the dollar starting to weaken again, crude oil futures will start to rebound."

according to the domestic fuel oil review, fuel oil closed low today, recovering most of yesterday's gains, and the market is still in the recent downward trend. The international crude oil price continued to close low last night, and the market continued to be in the recent downward trend. Due to the large recent decline, the short-term price may rebound, and the price may break through $120 again in the future. However, the market is a rebound after a sharp decline, and the US dollar is the high pressure level of this rebound. The future market may still meet around $100, and the short-term market will get some support around $110. From the perspective of 811 fuel oil, after yesterday's sharp rebound, today's market fell sharply again, recovering most of yesterday's gains, and the market is still in the recent downward trend. Graphically, as long as the price does not rise above 5050, the market is still in a downward trend, investors can continue to hold empty orders, and the market may meet around 4400 in the future. The company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BASF in Tianjin on November 26. There should be great pressure on the short-term market around 4900. If the future market rebounds to around 4900, investors can add short orders appropriately. Recently, the market has been relatively volatile, and the short-term market may fluctuate between points. Investors should pay attention to the operation rhythm

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