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Huichuan Technology: Jianzhi high-end leads import substitution

recently, Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huichuan Technology) announced that the company's net profit in 2010 is expected to be 215-241 million yuan, an increase of 110% - 135% year-on-year

in recent years, domestic brands in the frequency converter industry have surged. When Huichuan technology was founded, it was very clear how to position itself in this industry. Only by positioning itself accurately, plus the good performance accumulated for a long time, and fulfilling its commitments to customers, can we reach an agreement on its positioning and customer recognition. Zhuxingming, chairman of Huichuan technology, said that the goal of Huichuan technology is to be the best Inverter Manufacturer in China

previously, the high-end field of medium and low-voltage frequency converters mainly operated by Huichuan technology was mainly monopolized by foreign manufacturers, while most domestic manufacturers were not able to compete directly with foreign manufacturers due to disadvantages such as manufacturing technology and product performance, and most of them competed with domestic manufacturers to adopt low-cost strategies

insiders said that in this regard, the product performance and industrial design of Huichuan technology can be comparable with foreign-funded products. Since its establishment in 2003, Huijin has entered the software interface tailored for customers, and houchuan technology has focused on the high-end field of industrial control products. We believe that the monopoly of high-end products by major foreign brands will change sooner or later, so Huichuan technology has been cutting off its retreat and squeezing its energy to the high end for so many years. According to song Junen, the Secretary of Huichuan technology, at present, the enterprise has vector frequency conversion technology, PLC technology, servo technology, integrated special machine technology and permanent magnet synchronous motor technology core platform technology at the same time. These core products complement each other, expand the company's customer coverage and sales model, and provide the possibility for the continuous horizontal expansion of Huichuan technology product chain

Zhu Xingming said that at present, Huichuan technology products sell at a high price, mainly because Huichuan technology has begun to implement the import substitution strategy by virtue of its advantages over similar domestic products. In terms of product technology, Huichuan technology is the first and only domestic brand to widely commercialize real vector control products. He told that vector control is the core technology of high-end inverter at present, which can meet the high-end applications in many industries. However, this technology has many details, including the stability of speed and torque at low frequency, the stability of torque at zero speed, the dynamic response characteristics at high speed, and the adaptability of this technology to synchronous motors. In the products of Huichuan technology, these technical details, which have been successfully tested in practice, have brought a refreshing feeling to domestic customers of medium and high-end applications, and also created a huge competitive advantage for customers

at the same time, with many years of industry application experience, Huichuan technology can also put forward a series of industry system solutions for different industries, which is the collective implementation of the high performance of products, forming a rich product structure combining standard and non-standard. On September 28th, 2010, taking full account of the development trend of coaxiality detection technology of experimental machines, Huichuan technology was listed on the A-share gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Now, this listed company, which has grown from an entrepreneurial team of more than 20 people to more than 850 employees, is taking a solid step towards the goal of being a world-class supplier of integrated industrial automation products and solutions

one reason to help Huichuan technology dare to adopt the import substitution strategy is that most of its executives have worked in foreign top enterprises in the industry, which gives them an advantage in technology research and development and market development. Statistics show that all six directors of Huichuan technology have worked for Huawei electric and Emerson, which makes the R & D strength of Huichuan technology not to be underestimated

some analysts said that under the background of the transformation from extensive industrial growth to fine control, the national demand for low-voltage converters for energy conservation, emission reduction and automatic control has increased steadily. It is estimated that the market capacity in 2011 is expected to be close to 15billion yuan, and the compound annual growth rate of the domestic market will reach 15%. At the same time, under the dual background of policy promotion and the improvement of the technical strength of domestic enterprises, the localization rate will further rise, and Huichuan technology will usher in another high point of enterprise development at that time

at present, based on the full understanding of technology and market, Huichuan technology further develops its main business, increases investment in high-performance frequency converters, elevator integrated control system, high-performance servo system, rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive system and other product areas, and reserves products such as PLC, HMI, new energy vehicle electronic control, motor, bidirectional inverter, which are difficult to break through technical barriers, so as to provide new impetus for the subsequent development of the enterprise

the overall development of Huichuan technology will not pursue speed unilaterally, but the synchronous growth of brand reputation and market share. Huichuan technology will not affect the reputation of the brand because it wants to become bigger, but to find a balance between the reputation of the brand to be verified in the next eight years and market growth. This is our long-term strategy. Zhu Xingming said

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