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therefore, attention should be paid to the pretreatment of waste aluminum, Eliminate the impurities before smelting. Pretreatment technology mainly includes: sorting, that is, sorting plastic, rubber and other non aluminum substances; Washing, that is to wash away the oil and other substances in the waste aluminum According to rough calculation, the amount of stainless steel scrap contained in the "three wastes" produced in the production process from crude steel to cold rolled sheet is about 5% of the amount of crude steel. When the two are added together, this part of stainless steel scrap was about 800000 tons in 2010. Huizhou BOLUO waste transformer recycling smelter therefore needs to do a good job of pretreatment before recycling, so as to get pure waste aluminum in the design stage of the sample vehicle. In 2005, the chromium content of domestic stainless steel scrap was more than 270000 tons; It will reach more than 480000 tons in 2010. Huizhou BOLUO waste transformer recycling smelting factory

the common brass code is "h+ number", h is brass, and the number represents the mass fraction of copper. For example, H68 represents brass with 68% copper and 32% zinc, and cast brass is the word "Z" before the code name, such as zh62. Private enterprises have long known the rich characteristics of stainless steel scrap in China. Huizhou BOLUO waste transformer recycling smelting factory because of the recycling of these items, if there is no one. Clear rules are very simple. Recycling leads to price instability, because the status of copper scrap is different from that of buying new products. Some may be new and clean, and may have been deformed and rusted. Therefore, it is necessary to have certain standards for waste copper recycling in order to effectively price these different items to be recycled. This attitude will not be caused by differences in conditions. The price is recycled, and then the whole recycling process can be smoother, and it will together bring better recycling. This is very necessary for us. It can bring great help. Real land allows people to have a smoother recycling process when recycling. Therefore, the recycling needs to be pretreated before processing, so that pure waste aluminum can be obtained

secondly, it should be noted that there are more than 2000 coal mines in history. When recycling waste copper, we also need to pay attention to the grasp and understanding of some technologies in recycling. Because this kind of recovery is calculated by weight, if it is a large amount of waste copper. Maybe a gender has a thousand pounds, or even a thousand pounds. If there are some heavy metals or stones in it, it is difficult to find them immediately. When recycling, you need to pay attention to prevent it. These tips can better prevent yourself from losing money in recycling

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