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Huizhou 3KW single-phase diesel generator

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Guangzhou 3KW single-phase diesel generator. After the task of yeze generator in the past 500 hours, comprehensive technical inspection should be stopped. When the wear of parts exceeds the limit, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Maintenance Guide: for manually started generators, if they are not used properly, the pull plate and pull rope used for starting are very easy to be damaged. Look for a suitable entry point. Here we focus on the maintenance of pull-down plate : the problem of pulling the plate, unity of purpose and cooperation is the hard truth! The manufacturing enterprises of tension testing machine must work hard to show more on the spring, because the tension is too strong or the return line is too fast when starting, resulting in the scattering of firm limit hooks at both ends of the spring. Just remove the screw in the center of the pull-down plate with a big "one" screwdriver and gradually take out the plastic plate (but keep the spring in the plate stable and pop it out to hurt people). Use pointed nose pliers to tighten the spring again. Changing the torque of the experimental machine is the force that causes the object to rotate. Just fix the limit hook. However, if the spring is broken or has no elasticity, it needs to be replaced. It is important to add some grease to the spring during reassembly. SA Wei diesel generator can automatically start the diesel generator set to generate electricity and supply power when the municipal power fails; When the mains power comes on and returns to normal, it will actively switch to the mains power supply, and the unit will automatically shut down. This is ATS full active assembly. This is an advanced technical function, which does not need manual care at all

Guangzhou 3KW single-phase diesel generator has the following characteristics:

→ low smoke exhaust

→ low fuel consumption

→ excellent operation and acceleration under any load

→ strong starting function, from turning only takes 6 seconds

→ improve the predecessors' voltage stabilization system, shake from no-load to full load, the speed drops by 4.5%, and the voltage regulation rate is both positive and negative 0

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