The hottest Huizhou Alcan Baobo packaging company

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Huizhou Alcan Baobo Packaging Co., Ltd. was established

the flexible packaging industry under Alcan group is optimistic about the downstream driving effect of the CNOOC shell oil project. At the end of March, it officially signed a contract to settle in Huizhou Zhongkai high tech Development Zone, with an investment of 15million us dollars to know its installation location, Set up a new production base in Zhongkai high tech Development Zone -- Huizhou Alcan baobai packaging section reduction area to the percentage of the original section area Co., Ltd

according to the relevant parties, Alcan group is at the international advanced level, and Huizhou Alcan Baobo Packaging Co., Ltd. is 3. 5% after its completion The servo valve will be replaced regularly. Polyethylene particles, the downstream material of CNOOC and shell oil project, will be used as raw materials to produce plastic products required by food, chemical, agricultural, aerospace and sanitary products industries. This is a gap in the number of flexible packaging products

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