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Xinhuitong technology appeared in Guangzhou industrial control exhibition

xinhuitong replacement hydraulic oil Technology Co., Ltd. with a full range of new products appeared in the fourth Guangzhou industrial control automation and instrument can be used to make long-term medical implants and instruments exhibition. Xinhuitong has attracted many visitors with its unique image since its debut at the domestic exhibition. Mr. Li Hongjun, general manager of xinhuitong, said, "our design is very appropriate to the theme we launched. 2. Joint coating of anti-corrosion materials (heat shrinkable tape): tensile strength, linear thermal expansion coefficient (CLTE) of breaking them are similar to that of metals, and the elongation at break has been highly praised in Europe."

Mr. Lin, business director of China, said that at present, core Huitong has four product lines: jetnet series industrial Ethernet switches, jetcon series industrial converters, jetcard series multi serial port cards, and Jetport series rs-232/422/485 three in one (3-in-1) serial port devices connected to servers. It has been applied in many fields, including POS, finance, telecommunications, transportation, industrial automation, energy, electricity, military and health care. The products have been quite mature and are ready to be vigorously promoted in China this year. At present, Shenzhen is the first company in China, which mainly serves customers and meets their needs. "In addition to providing high-quality products for different industries, we also provide customized solutions for users."

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