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Kawasaki double wrist positioning robot will be produced in Chongqing next year (Figure)

on October 13, Kawasaki's new duaro double wrist robot was unveiled in Liangjiang New Area. Photo by zhangjinhui

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(Chen Jun) on October 13, Kawasaki heavy industries, a world-renowned robot host enterprise, held a new product launch in Liangjiang New Area, launching Kawasaki's new duaro double wrist positioning machine 1. Plastic shrinkage and its influencing factors. It is reported that the robot will be produced in Kawasaki (Chongqing) manufacturing base in Liangjiang New Area next year

dual wrist positioning robot duaro, whose name is a combination of English "dual" and "robot", has two horizontal multi joint arms, which can move freely and flexibly, and can realize the coordination and joint completion of operations between the two arms that cannot be achieved by the two positioning robots. Duaro can be connected with multiple robots, and has a vision system and a variety of grip options

The maximum handling weight of duaro single arm can reach 2kg, and the positioning accuracy is high, which can meet the requirements of 3C to the greatest extent. Therefore, it can undertake the task of high-speed transmission and the needs of the electronic industry. Compared with traditional robots, it also has the advantages of space saving, simple installation, collaborative operation with personnel, simple teaching, rich options and so on. When duaro works together with workers, it only needs to select low output motor and deceleration function. Once the robot collides with operators, it will automatically stop running through conflict detection to ensure personnel safety

it is understood that after the completion of Kawasaki (Chongqing) base in Liangjiang New Area in 2016, it will become the only production base of this dual arm robot in China, and this robot will also be sold globally

yesterday, Kawasaki (Chongqing) robot engineering Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Liangjiang robot Finance Leasing Co., Ltd., which has made great contributions, reaching a consensus in the application field of robot engineering, robot education and other fields, and making active efforts to expand enterprise production capacity and expand the western market. In the future, Kawasaki robot will release a large number of orders through financial leasing, radiate the western market, drive the development of the robot industry chain in Chongqing and Liangjiang New Area, and simultaneously improve the intelligent system of pillar industries such as automobile and electronics, and improve the inspection quality and manufacturing level

Author: Chen Jun

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