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KDDI Osaka data center will provide direct connection to the Internet switching operator jpix

KDDI Osaka data center will provide direct connection to the Internet switching operator jpix

-- partnership to promote further expansion of telehouse connection

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KDDI Co., Ltd. (tokyo:9433) (KDDI) and Japan Internet switching Co., Ltd. (jpix) It has been unanimously agreed to establish a jpix connection point (pop [1]) in the telehouse Osaka 2 data center operated by KDDI in Osaka, Japan, and will provide Internet switching (IX) services as a new access point of jpix located in kyonkyo District, Osaka on April 24, 2017

this partnership aims to meet the growing demand for Internet switching and hosting [2] services in Osaka, and will enable telehouse Osaka 2 users to use the capabilities of KDDI to support high-power needs, while providing high reliability. In order to deal with this contradiction and connectivity with KDDI, telehouse Osaka 2 users can also access the jpix environment, which can support a large number of low latency connections, It is also one of the most widely distributed connections in Japan, enabling users to expand their business

this move will expand telehouse Internet [3] services used by more than 3000 connection partners (operators, mobile service providers, Internet service providers, content providers, enterprises, etc.) of KDDI around the world

KDDI and jpix will take this opportunity to take advantage of this reliable connection and provide support for the global business expansion of their customers

about telehouse

telehouse [4] is a data center brand of KDDI group. It provides services to customers in 48 data centers around the world. frost resistance and color are qualified. It is judged according to the lowest quality level among size deviation, appearance quality and intensity level. One of them is unqualified. This batch of products is unqualified. These data centers are located in 24 cities in 13 countries and regions around the world, including Tokyo, Osaka, such as New York, London Paris and Hong Kong. KDDI group makes use of telehouse's expertise to provide high-quality, meticulous and considerate services. Telehouse has had brilliant historical achievements for nearly 30 years

about jpix

jpix is a leading Internet switching service provider, and now ranks among the largest Internet switching service providers in Japan. It not only includes an 8-bit successive approximation converter, but this July will be the 20th anniversary of the company. The company provides Internet services among more than 160 partner companies. Since its establishment, the company has been providing support to the backbone of Japanese Internet

The abbreviation of point of presence refers to the switch that constitutes the backbone of jpix

provide services for installing equipment such as client servers and communication devices, as well as rack space for power lines and communication lines

express the concept of connection in telehouse

telehouse is a registered trademark of KDDI group

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