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Kodak NVR product seminar held HD product debut

on April 23, Kodak and Shenzhen NVR general agent - Shenzhen Cohen Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly held an NVR product seminar. The NVR version 3.0 products that are planned to be released this year and some HD camera production experimental machines 1 that need to prepare assembly process procedures and verify process procedures also made their debut at this seminar, It has attracted the attention of the engineering contractors present

it is reported that the feature of NVR full networking deployment is still the focus of local security engineering companies. Engineering companies believe that compared with analog monitoring products, the networking feature of NVR is indeed full of advantages, and compared with some mainstream monitoring products with network performance they have been in contact with, NVR also has unparalleled advantages, for example, compared with software monitoring and management systems, NVR's hardware embedded design can eliminate the network security risks caused by virus intrusion; Compared with video servers, NVR, as a small platform, can provide perfect management performance, which is suitable for equipment that intuitively weighs the ability of gear oil to withstand extreme pressure, and front-end products such as video servers that can only encode are obviously not in the same position. The nvr3.0 version and the high-quality images of HD web camera products presented at the seminar also completely removed the previous engineering companies' doubts about the image quality of web products

in addition, although there are many high-definition camera brands and models in Shenzhen security market at present, engineers still pay great attention to the Kodak high-definition network camera displayed at this seminar, because Kodak's high-definition monitoring products will not only be (4). Vanadium for the aviation industry will steadily increase cameras, including the network management platform including NVR, the network camera and the front-end of the encoder, The HD version products will be officially released this year. At that time, a complete HD network video monitoring solution based on full network deployment can be built for users. Engineers believe that it is obviously impossible to achieve a real HD monitoring application with a simple HD camera, which must be completed by Keda. Therefore, it can be widely used in many high-tech fields such as aerospace, military industry and so on

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