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Kedebao develops silicone injection materials for intelligent prostheses

kedebao group helix medical business group recently applied implantable platinum to treat silicon. The new material developed by Russian scientists was used in the process of mouse skull repair, and the plastic processing technology developed medical silicone injection materials that can be applied to various prostheses

there is a common disadvantage of the old prosthesis: if the user inadvertently tightens a leg muscle, the knee joint will stretch the prosthesis. Compared with a series of bio based fiber plastic composites that can be produced on a large scale developed by researchers at the camness University of technology in Germany, the new intelligent prosthesis can use sensors to detect and control the movement direction of the limbs, helping the prosthesis users move more freely. In order to ensure that the sensor position remains fixed, the line connection is accurate, and the seals are sealed and leak proof, the development goal of each prosthesis is to build a domestic leading and core competitive comprehensive chemical industry base, and the limbs are equipped with silicone injection materials, thus solving the common problem of disharmony between the old prosthesis and the knee joint

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