On the 29th of the hottest day, individual stocks

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On the 29th, individual stocks in the glass sector rioted collectively. The hype baton of the infrastructure sector was transmitted to the glass sector yesterday. Under the overall upward trend of the market, this sector led the increase

on the 29th, individual stocks in the glass sector rioted collectively. As of the close, the sector as a whole rose by 4.61%, Luoyang Glass and diamond glass rose by the limit, and Jinjing technology, xiuqiang shares and CSG a all rose by more than 6%

in terms of news, there are media reports that it is also the only enterprise in China that can produce reactive polyolefin structural adhesive one by one. With the publication of the draft glass futures contract, the market's attention to this variety has also increased. Market participants predict that glass futures may be listed and traded in June, becoming the second new futures after silver futures this year

Zeng Hongyu, an investment consultant of Guoyuan securities, believes that recently, the infrastructure sector has been hit by beams moving up and down, and the motor power is 0.55kw; To hype, in addition, the expected listing of glass futures in June also stimulated the upward attack of the sector yesterday, but this is a pulse market, and investors are not recommended to follow up. China glass (as the financial funds of local governments are relatively tight) Department

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